Accurate Placement Ensures Your Students' College Success

CollegeSuccess® measures student readiness utilizing a suite of high and low-stakes placement & diagnostic assessments aligned with competencies in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and ELL.

Placement Tests That Meet Your Institution’s Needs​

Assessments that score multiple measures of performance​

Fully customizable messaging, reports and pathways using institutional branding

IntelliMetric® Automated Essay Scoring providing immediate, unparalleled insight into writing proficiency

Take control of the college placement experience

Library of Tests

Select from a variety of exams or create your own.

Saves Time

Place students automatically based on rules you define.

Unparalleled Insights

Provide students the tools needed to improve their scores.

Reduce "Over-Testing"

Target testing to students' specific areas of need.

Help students prepare with C.A.R.E.

The College Aptitude & Readiness Exam (C.A.R.E.) is utilized internationally as a comprehensive learner-centered college placement solution.

Computer-adaptive, diagnostic, and AI-based assessments provide a comprehensive view of college readiness.

Multiple measures of performance with embedded resources, ensuring the quickest path to college success.

An average 66% reduction in the number of students placed into developmental courses.

The CollegeSuccess C.A.R.E. Difference


to your institution to streamline the placement process.


assessments score multiple performance measures.


developmental resources and analytics mitigate learning gaps.

C.A.R.E. measures competencies in



College Math


Writing Response

ELL Writing


ELL Reading

ELL Listening

Designed With Tools to Mitigate Learning Gaps

The combination of Computer Adaptive, Diagnostic, and Writing Response Assessments provide administrators with the ability to accurately place students in courses aligned with their respective skill levels, resulting in improved retention and graduation rates.

C.A.R.E Diagnostics identify per-competency deficiencies, while providing targeted Open Educational Resources (OER) via™ to effectively minimize learning gaps.

Formula for Success - How C.A.R.E. works:

A Few of Our Partners:

What Our Partners Have to Say:

“Our partnership with Vantage streamlines the placement process, ensuring that our students are placed into classes that are aligned with their educational needs and guaranteeing immediate intervention in deficient areas."
Glenn DuBois
“The team at Vantage are dedicated to building customer loyalty. They are consistently professional and committed to ensuring the College Success platform is adequately meeting the needs of our students.”
Lisa Haddorff, M.P.S.
Director, Zoghby Learning Commons
“As the ITA at Polk State College, I have a great deal of experience with the College Success site, from the administrative backend to assisting testers on the student side. The site is well-organized & easy to navigate, with great reporting tools & excellent resources for supporting students & proctors. The platform is user-friendly, from the diagnostics & corresponding preparatory resources to the site management tools. The customer support team is top notch & always super responsive.”
Kim DeRonda
Testing and Tutoring Manager, Librarian
“I love how easy the CollegeSuccess platform is to use and set up a student for testing. I can set up a testing profile in a matter of minutes and run reports on how many tests we give each month, which is great for budgeting. Students find the directions very straight forward and the questions easy to navigate. The Vantage team is absolutely amazing and always very quick to respond when I have questions or any issues.”
Lisa Satterfield
Director Assessment Services
“Our testing team has received invaluable assistance from Vantage with managing all five of our testing sites with scores, the ordering process, and requests for reporting. We appreciate a vendor such as Vantage that responds in a timely manner when we have testing questions or technical difficulties.”
Dr. P. Sepulveda-Smith
Assistant Dean of Student Services
“The College Success Platform is user-friendly, and easy to navigate. The Vantage Team is responsive, friendly, and always looking for feedback to improve their products. Vantage makes you feel more like a partner than just a customer.”
Esperanza Pardo
Testing Support Specialist
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City Colleges of Chicago - Reading-to-Write English Placement Test

Vantage partners with the City Colleges of Chicago to deliver the Reading-to-Write English Placement Test (RTW). The RTW is designed to place students into the appropriate English course. Each test is read and reviewed by two or more trained English faculty members. There is no “pass” or “fail” for this test. Course placement reflects the strengths students already have and the areas in which they need further development.

The RTW consists of four parts:

  • Background Information
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Essay Response
  • Directed Self-Placement

Virginia's Community Colleges - Virginia Placement Test (VPT)

"After the VPT was introduced, more students placed into and enrolled in college-level math courses, and these higher enrollments boosted completion rates, suggesting that the new placement policy and assessment instrument served to increase overall student progression.”

Vantage Learning delivers the Virginia Placement Test (VPT) across all 23 community colleges throughout the state. The VPT English and VPT Math tests are computerized placement tests that are used to evaluate students’ current English and Math skills respectively. The placement tests are not “pass” or “fail.” Instead, scores are used to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, so they are not placed into classes that are too easy or difficult. While the tests are not timed, students are required to allow at least three hours for each test.

VPT English
The VPT English test consists of two weighted parts: the writing prompt, which is more heavily weighted, and the multiple-choice reading comprehension section. The VPT English test begins with a selection of writing prompts. The writing section is scored based upon a combination of the essay’s paragraph and sentence organization and structure, quality of content, overall unity, coherence of ideas, thesis statement, topic sentences, spelling, and grammar. After completing the writing section, students encounter a series of reading passages followed by multiple choice questions to evaluate students’ level of reading comprehension. At the conclusion of the test, a score report is generated indicating into which ENF and/or ENG classes the student should be placed.

VPT Math
The VPT Math test may include a variety of question types. Based on performance, the student experience may include questions ranging from basic arithmetic to pre-calculus. Students are encouraged to finish all sections to the best of their ability as skipping questions may result in improper course placement. At the conclusion of the test, each student receives a score report specifying into which MTE and/or MTH classes he/she has been placed.

The Florida College System - Post-Secondary Education Readiness Test (P.E.R.T.)

“The P.E.R.T. is aligned with knowledge and skills Florida subject matter experts have determined to be essential for students entering college-level courses in English and Mathematics. Faculty at Florida colleges were asked to identify the competencies critical for success in entry-level college credit courses.”

Vantage delivers placement assessments via the Post-secondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) to the Colleges, Universities, and School Districts throughout the state of Florida. In addition to Computer Adaptive Tests (CATs) delivered for course placement, the PERT provides Diagnostic Assessments and associated developmental resources to ensure that underperforming students have the knowledge needed to master the competencies in which they underperformed. The PERT was developed by Subject Matter Experts at Vantage Learning in association with SMEs with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). The PERT is administered to students in Florida to determine readiness for Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033), College Algebra or higher (MAC 1105, MAC 1106, MGF1106, MGF1107), and Freshman Composition Skills I (ENC 1101.) Each PERT assessment is a computer adaptive test (CAT) with 25 operational items that determine the student’s placement and five (5) field test items designed to periodically refresh the item banks.

Unparalleled insight and actionable data for administrators

WriteVUE empowers leadership to monitor writing performance and student growth at both the “macro” and “micro” level: 

  • Benchmark assessments
  • Longitudinal portfolio of student writing performance
  • Individual teacher and student data

WriteVUE provides critical data and actionable insight to inform district-level action plans.

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